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Are you thinking about building a pond, raising fish, and/or planting water plants in a water garden? Not sure what to do and where to start? You can read books about pond building, raising fish and water plants but the best advice will come from someone who has already done it. That is one of the number one reasons to join a water garden/koi club. You will obtain endless knowledge about what to do and what not to do when building a pond from someone who has already done it. You will learn from the experts. You will see first-hand the ponds built and maintained by others in the club. They will share their knowlege about everything having to do with fish, water, ponds, predators, plants, etc. Many clubs have a library of books and magazines they will share with other club members. And you meet lots of new people who are interested in the same hobby as you. Ready to join? Just fill out the application and be ready to meet some friendly and knowledgeable people with beautiful ponds and fish.

The Inland Empire Water Garden and Koi Society is also a member of the K.O.I Organisation International and Pacific Northwest Koi Clubs Association.
Ponds and flowers just go together so if you live in the Spokane area, you will want to check out the Inland Empire Gardeners and join their club too. Their website is located at
There are many great books/magazines on the market that will educate you on raising and maintaining healthy fish to building water gardens of all shapes and sizes. Just go to your favorite browser and search by typing in "books on koi" or "books on goldfish" or "books on water gardens" and you will get pages of books to chose from. And guess what, some of the books/magazines are available for download directly to your computer or hand-held device.

* ABCs of Ponds by Carolyn Weise - Pond Primer book
* Pond Trade magazine
* - Koi USA

Blogging is the act of posting content on a blog (a Web log or online journal) or posting comments on someone else's blog. Blogging is very popular today because it allows people to interact with each other. Anyone can blog and any and all topics are available. What is important to rememeber is that not all bloggers are experts in the subjects they blog about. Many vendors and suppliers also blog in order to sell their products.

* - Koi blog
* - Koi forum
You Tube video's have become a very popular way to share knowledge too. Again, technology has made it so easy to create your own video and upload it to a website like You Tube. From time to time, we will be sharing videos on this site that relate to fish and water gardening.
* Begin Japanology - Nishikigoi - this is a great program on Koi. It is about 28 minutes long and not technical. Whether you are koi kichi or not, it is well worth watching.